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My Commitment to You

Thinking of Selling Your House?
Posted by Jason Millward on October 09, 2018 in  Sell my house Montrose
My Commitment to You!   As a full-service Realtor at Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties, I will handle the complexities of your transaction, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.  Here is an overview of the duties I will perform on your behalf. ·         Provide a marketing strategy and plan including preparation, presentation, and promotion. ·         Provide a competitive market analysis and help... read more

Questions to Answer Before Selling

Thinking of Selling Your House?
Posted by Jason Millward on October 09, 2018 in  Sell my house Montrose  Thinking of selling?
Thinking of Selling? Here are some background questions that I’d ask you first: 1.       Why are you moving, where are your moving to, and what date do you want or need to move by? 2.       Do you have a backup plan if we are not successful by this date? 3.       When did you buy your house, and do you know about how much you still owe? 4.       Is there an HOA?  How much? 5.  ... read more

The House Listing (Selling) Process

Sell My House!
Posted by Jason Millward on September 27, 2018 in  House Selling Process Colorado  Sell my house Montrose Listing (Selling) Process   Every real estate transaction is a little different and will have unique obstacles and challenges to overcome.  With that said here’s a quick, simplified overview of the home lisitng process.  Sometimes everything that’s involved in selling your house can be a little stressful.  My goal is to make the process as simple and transparent as possible for you!  So, in our first meeting I will provide you ... read more

2% Rule

Non-Colorado Resident
Posted by Jason Millward on February 09, 2018 in  Sell my house Montrose  Selling Checklist  Selling in Montrose Colorado
Nonresident and selling a Colorado Property? You may be subject to a 2% required withholding   Corporations, individuals, estates and trusts that do not maintain a permanent place or resident status in Colorado are subject to Colorado income tax withholding on the sales of Colorado real estate in excess of $100,000. The tax will be the smaller of 2% of the sales price or the net proceeds from the sale The tax is withheld at the time of closing by the title insurance company.  It will then be submitted to ... read more

Real Estate Tax Liens

Colorado Tax Liens
Posted by Jason Millward on November 03, 2017 in  Property Taxes  Sell my house Montrose
Real Estate Tax Liens In Colorado, if you don’t pay your property taxes, the county can hold a tax lien auction and sell that tax lien on your property to an investor.  Tax lien auctions are usually held once a year by the county in order to recover previous years delinquent taxes.  Eventually, the investor can obtain title to the home if nothing is done.  The county must follow state statutes, which I will go over here as well as information on understanding how the process works. If property ... read more