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Montrose Internet   These days being connected to the internet is more important than ever before.  It’s how a lot of us work, learn, shop, communicate, watch shows, get our news, and much more.  A fast connection is needed in order to connect multiple devises such as your phone, computer, tablet, and other smart home devices.  A fast network is also needed in order to stream shows, games, and movies.  There are a few choices here in Montrose; you’ve got cable, DSL, and now ma... read more

Concierge Service List

Posted by Jason Millward on May 17, 2018 in  Montrose Colorado
We've compiled a list of recommended Service Providers in the Montrose area to help you out with your projects.  Here is a link to the LIST Montrose Colorado is the hub of South West Colorado!  If you’re thinking of buying or selling in the area, find out more info here:  Montrose Real Estate   Thanks for reading, Jason MillwardRealtorReal Estate Investor   P.S.  I am also a Real Estate Investor and invest in multi-unit properties from duplexes to apartme... read more

The History of Montrose

Posted by Jason Millward on May 10, 2018 in  Montrose Colorado
The History of Montrose Some of the first settlers came to the valley in the 1870’s.  The Uncompahgre valley was home to the Ute Nation until being removed prior to becoming established.  Joseph Selig suggested the name Montrose after a favorite character in Sir Walter Scott’s novel, The Legend of Montrose.  In 1882 Montrose officially became a town! The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad was built and reached Montrose in 1882.  Montrose was originally founded to provide supplies t... read more

The Gunnison Tunnel

Posted by Jason Millward on May 04, 2018 in  Montrose Colorado
The Gunnison Tunnel Early exploration of the Black Canyon and Gunnison River started in 1900.  The Gunnison River was the most reliable source but the canyon walls provided a huge barrier.  The Reclamation Act was passed in 1902 and enabled the valleys of Western Colorado to bring water to the land for crops.  The idea of digging a tunnel through the canyon walls was born.  A road was blasted into the cliffs down to the river and the East Portal town was developed.  Construction began in... read more

Montrose Colorado Outdoors Project

Big for Montrose!
Posted by Jason Millward on January 05, 2018 in  buying in Montrose Colorado  Montrose Colorado
Montrose Colorado Outdoors Project Big additions for Montrose are planed for the next 10 years! 164 acre site along the Uncompahgre River is in the process of being developed into high end commercial, residential, and industrial campus.  The project includes conservation of the Uncompahgre River and preserving valuable wetlands and habitats.  The river will turn into gold medal waters for fly fishing. An estimated $83 million is proposed for site work, improvements, river restoration, and open space enhan... read more