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Montrose Colorado Facts & Contacts

Montrose Colorado Facts & Contacts
Posted: May 01, 2017 by Jason Millward

Montrose Area Facts & Contacts

Local Facts:

·         The City of Montrose has an estimated population of 19,132 and Montrose County has an estimated population around 40,946

·         There are an estimated number of housing units at 18,377 in Montrose County with a little over 70% being owner occupied

·         The median estimated home value in Montrose is right around $215,000

·         On average, there are 245 sunny days per year in Montrose

·         July is the warmest month and January is the coolest month on average

·         Average annual rain is a little more than 10 inches and average snowfall around 20 inches

Local Contacts:

·         Gas and Electric

o   Delta Montrose Electric Agency (DMEA) -

o   Gas – Black Hills Energy -

·         Water/ Sewer/ Trash/ Recycling

o   City of Montrose -

o   Recycling -

·         Montrose Memorial Hospital

o   (970) 249-2211 -

·         Montrose Library -

·         Vehicle Registration -

·         Montrose Daily Press Newspaper -

·         Public Schools -

·         Police Department (970) 252-5200 -

·         Montrose County Sheriff (970) 252-4023 -

·         Montrose County Airport -

·         Montrose Office of Business and Tourism -

·         Local Mountain Bike/Hiking Trails -


 Go to or visit the Montrose Visitor Center for more information

Montrose Colorado is the hub of South West Colorado.  If you’re thinking of buying or selling in the area, find out more here:  Montrose Real Estate

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