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Mountain Biking Trails in Montrose

Mountain Biking Trails in Montrose
Posted: March 17, 2017 by Jason Millward

Mountain Biking Around Montrose Colorado

If you’ve been riding for any period of time, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the world-renowned mountain biking trails that surround the area of Montrose Colorado.  Within a couple hour drive you can get to these places like Crested Butte, Fruita, and Moab and ride some of the best trails in the country!  To be able to drive to these areas and get some good rides in all within a day is a huge benefit to living on the Western Slope of Colorado in Montrose.

If you don’t have the day or want to stay in town there are some great trail systems popping up in Montrose that can satisfy anyone and be as long or as short as you want.

·         The closest local trails that are right in town are down by the river.  The River Bottom Trail system is unique because some run right along the river.  The trail system is pretty small and good for beginner riders.  Here is a link to the map:  MAP

Buzzard Gulch Trail System is the next closest trail system and is perfect for a quick or afterwork ride.  It’s easy to get in a good 6-12 miles of fun fast flowy single track.  There’s not a whole lot of elevation gain or loss but enough to make it fun.  Here is a link to the map:  MAP

Cerro Summit Trail System provides a nice little ride for any skill level.  It is single track and you’d be able to get in about an hour of riding.  It’s also groomed in the winter on occasion so fat biking in the snow may be possible.  Here is a link to the map: MAP

The Dry Creek Canyon Trails  are also right in Montrose County and offer some good flowy downhill with some technical sections.  You can get about 20 miles in here pretty easy by combining trails within the system.  Here is a link to the map: MAP

RAT System (Ridgway Area Trails)  is a newer trail system about 30 minutes south of Montrose in Ridway.  You can get a few more miles of trails in here as well as more elevation.  They did a great job creating fast, flowy, fun, single track trails that will cater to even more advanced riders.  Here is a link to the map:  MAP

Sidewinder Trail is a popular trail that is almost 20 miles of really good technical desert single track paralleling the Gunnison Gorge.  Can be ridden in segments and best to ride from south to north for more descent time.  Can be ridden as a loop to get almost 40 miles in at the end of the day.  Here is a link to the map:  MAP

Lower Spring Creek/ Whole Uncolada is a great local trail to get in some really good downhill(mostly) single track that has about everything you can ask for.  It’s fast, flowy, and has some technical sections as well.  It even connects into Buzzard Gulch.  Good to do as a shuttle but can be looped by riding up Dave Wood Road.  Here is a link to the map:  MAP

Even more trails! – If you’re looking for even more trails there are a number of good trails on the Uncompahgre Plateau, Grand Mesa, and in the Adobes just north of town.  There are miles and miles of trails around Montrose and if you need more suggestions feel free to contact me or the local bike shops.

Remember to be prepared!  A lot of these trails, even though close to town, get remote pretty quickly and there may not be someone nearby for help.  Take plenty of water, snacks, first aid kit, map, and any tools you may need.  Make sure you’ve got a flat tire kit, extra tube, tire pump, chain link connector, extra shifter or brake cable, and the right tools. 

Montrose Colorado is the hub to some of the best riding in the country and some pretty darn good local trails too!  If your thinking of buying or selling in the area, find out more info here:  Montrose Real Estate

hanks for reading,

Jason Millward
Real Estate Investor

P.S.  I am also a Real Estate Investor and invest in multi-unit properties from duplexes to apartment buildings.  If you know of anyone that may be interested in selling, pass them my contact information or send me their info.  Thanks!

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