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How do Realtors Get Paid?

Posted by Jason Millward on July 10, 2018 in  Real Estate
How do Real Estate Agents get Paid? We all know Realtors get paid by commission but it’s usually an area that is misunderstood how they get paid and just how much.  If you’re a buyer, you probably don’t have to worry about this much because it’s most common that your Realtor’s fee is paid by the seller. If you’re the seller, you will need to be aware of the costs because you will usually be the one paying the commission.  When you sign a listing agreement to list an... read more
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Blue Lake & Blaine Basin Trail

Posted by Jason Millward on July 05, 2018 in  Things to do in Montrose
Blue lake and Blaine Basin Hike   If you’re looking for some amazing scenery, outstanding views, lakes and wildflowers, check out Mt. Sneffels Wilderness area in the Uncompahgre National Forest. From Montrose, head south to Ridgway and a few miles up Highway 62 turn onto County Road 7 and follow the signs to Blue Lake trailhead.  The road is dirt but it’s well maintained and well-traveled.  There are a few different hikes from this trail head but the two I’m going to mention ar... read more
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The Effect of Compounding

Posted by Jason Millward on July 02, 2018 in  Finance and Real Estate
The Effect of Compounding   Saving money and building wealth is important for many reasons! With that said, I’m not going to go into all the reasons to save or all the ways to save money because there are many and the best way may differ depending on your situation.   One of the most important aspects to growing your savings (besides contributing in the first place) is letting your earning work for you to generate more earnings – Compounding.   For easy math, let’s say you in... read more
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What Questions do you Have?

Posted by Jason Millward on June 28, 2018 in  Questions
Do you have any questions for me?I've gone over many topics relating to Real Estate & Montrose Colorado.  Reply to this email and ask me any questions or comments you may have.  Or let me know other topics you may be interested in that I can write or research more about.  Questions can include anything about Real Estate, Montrose, things to do in or around Montrose, finance, or anything else you can think of.Thanks for your input! Montrose Colorado is the hub of South West Colorado! &n... read more
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Camping Around Montrose

Posted by Jason Millward on June 20, 2018 in  Things to do in Montrose
Camping Around Montrose   Whether you’re visiting Montrose or just want to go out camping, there are a lot of great spots around the area.   RV Parks: If you prefer all the hookups and amenities while camping check out the Montrose/Black Canyon National Park KOA, Cedar Creek RV Park, Jellystone Park of the Black Canyon, and more.   Established Campgrounds If your looking for established campgrounds with no hookups and less amenities here are some good ones:  Black Canyon National P... read more
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